luni, 11 februarie 2019

Ash, ash, baby!

« So that’s where you say you got the Nakamoto part?’ I asked. ‘From the 18th-century iconoclast who criticised all the beliefs of his time?’
‘What about Satoshi?’
‘It means “ash”,’ he said *. ‘The philosophy of Nakamoto is the neutral central path in trade. Our current system needs to be burned down and remade. That is what cryptocurrency does – it is the phoenix …’ 
‘So “Satoshi” is the ash from which the phoenix …’
‘Yes. And Ash is also the name of a silly Pokémon character. The guy with Pikachu.’ Wright smiled. ‘In Japan the name of Ash is Satoshi,’ he said.
‘So, basically, you named the father of bitcoin after Pikachu’s chum?’
‘Yes,’ he said. ‘That’ll annoy the buggery out of a few people.’ This was something he often said, as if annoying people was an art ».

* Craig Wright tells Andrew O’Hagan that in Japanese satoshi means ‘ash’ (LRB, 30 June). In fact the Japanese word for ‘ash’ is hai. ‘Satoshi’ is a name given to a boy, signifying cleverness and quick wittedness.

O’Hagan, A., 2016. The Satoshi Affair. London Review of Books[Online] vol. 38 no. 13 pp. 7-28. Available from[Accessed 11 February 2019].

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